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Bioassays of biocides products PT18 PT19

Agricultural products

Bioassays of insecticides grain protectant and food storage premises sanitation

Expertise /

Tec is registered by several ministries and work under Good Practices

Insects / mites breeding

All major pests found in household and professional environment

General description

TEC is an independent laboratory based in France, conducting efficacy trials of insecticides and repellents for industry (amateur and professional uses).

For over 30 years, our expertise allows us to meet the demands of producing firms of active substances, and those of their own customers, with an ever higher level of requirement.

We draw strength from our ability to adapt quickly and easily to market changes , constraints and obligations. So we put our experience at the service of the industry with the aim of supporting our customers in their development by helping them pass the more and more complicated regulatory requirements.

The longevity of the TEC Laboratory (since 1986) is proof of our expertise and the importance we place on the confidentiality of each of our clients.

We are developing two main activities:

Of course TEC can test the products at different levels of the development, for example with trials for a dose range finding or trials for a comparison with competitor products of the same market.

The TEC Laboratory may also offer its consulting services and studies in the areas of insect and mites control , do not hesitate to contact us to build together a response perfectly adapted to your need.

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1. Trials on household insecticides/repellents (amateur use) = efficacy trials on household biocide products according to BPR 528 - Products 18 and 19


Flies (5 species) / mosquitoes (4 species) / clothe moths / food moths / wasps / hornets / others on demand.

Laboratory + simulated-use + field trials (Knockdown + mortality):


Cockroaches (4 species) / ants (6 species) / bed bugs / fleas / ticks / silverfishes / red mites / other on demand.

Arachnids : house dust mites and house spiders.

Laboratory + simulated-use + field trials (Knockdown and mortality, persistence on surfaces):

2.0 Trials on insecticides/repellents for professional use = efficacy trials on biocide products according to BPR 528 - Products 18 and 19

Laboratory + simulated-use + field trials (Knockdown and mortality, persistence)

2.1 Efficacy trials of products used for insect ontrol by the Pest control Operators (PCOs): European Officially Recognized Trials (GEP = Good Experiment Practices).

Examples: field trials of cockroach gel baits (in flats, restaurants etc ...), field trials on anti bed bugs products or anti ants products ; trials on insect control in food storage premises (surfaces + space treatments).

2.2 Efficacy trials of insecticides in breeding premises for fly control, litter beetles and red mites control (adulticides and larvicides)

Agricultural products (non-crop)

Laboratory + simulated-use trials.

Efficacy trials of insecticides for stored-product grain protection (directive 91/414/CE).

European Officially Recognized Trials (GEP = Good Experiment Practices).

All major stored-produts pests are available and are national standard strains.

Expertise / Accreditation

TEC is accreditated by:

All staff have the CERTIPHYTO and CERTIBIOCIDES certification.

The trials and studies are conducted in accordance with:

TEC is audited by the COFRAC on a regular basis in order to check it is accreditated as a GEP structure (Good Experiment Practice) and then able to provide European Officially Recognized Trials.

Insects / mites breeding

Species available for efficacy trials:

Flying insects

Musca domestica / Stomoxys calcitrans / Musca automnalis / Haematobia irritans / Drosophila melanogaster / Aedes aegypti / Aedes albopictus / Culex pipiens / Anopheles gambiae / Phlebotomus duboscqi / Tineola bisselliella / Plodia interpunctella / Ephestia kuehniella / Sitotroga cereallela / Vespula vulgaris / Vespa crabro / Vespa velutina

Crawling insects

Blattella germanica / Blatta orientalis / Periplaneta americana / Supella longipalpa / Ctenocephalides felis / Ctenocephalides canis / Lasius niger / Monomorium pharaonis / Lasius emarginatus / Linepithema humile / Tetramorium caespitum / Solenopsis invicta / Dermanyssus gallinae / Cimex lectularius / Anthrenus verbasci / Attagenus pellio / Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus / Lepisma saccharina / Ixodes ricinus / Ripicephalus sanguineus / Tegenaria domestica

If your project involves other species, we could try to find them from specialized institutes.